Coffee Break in Castelo de Vide

This year the trip to Castelo de Vide had to be made twice in the same week. Not the nicest thing that could happen, but so much better than being stuck at the office.


Marvão to Castelo de Vide

One assignment keeps landing on my lap, almost every year. Come August and it's time to get a car and drive to Castelo de Vide. This year I took the time to visit Marvão, a wonderful place just before the final destination.

This time I took missQ along for the ride and thought about editing the shots with something different. I've been using VSCO Cam for years, but wanted to try an app that would keep the colors a bit closer to what the camera delivers. Welcome Snapseed. So far I'm happy with it.


Flower picking at Bons Sons

Maybe this will be the incentive I needed to keep this blog updated. Somehow I've never managed to bring myself to Squarespace for that and use Medium as my blogging platform with Instagram as a daily journal. I love what they're doing there, both companies, but always get the feeling I should be posting stuff on my site. Now that I've got the cute missQ I'll try to share some photos of my daily life here.

We'll see how that goes. Hope you enjoy it.



at the end of a very long week at the mine, i've had the chance to go back to cem soldos, that lovely town where the bons sons festival takes place, and spend a couple of hours there. always a pleasure. can't wait for the actual festival to take place, it's getting close. 

maiquebonsSons, xT1

kuressaare, saaremaa

so... took a five day break from the usual office-bound work, and went to estonia, invited by the good people at tap, who had arranged a very thorough visit. 'estonia at a glance' was the name of the program. and away we went, to the other end of europe.

a gallery is already up, but those five days are still being edited, there's a lot to go through.

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