should i ?

in a week or so i will be embarking on a crazy amazing race-like trip, three countries in three days sort of thing.

theLovelyWife on yellow

since we'll be spending most of our time in airports (and going to, and coming from), i'll be trying to keep the weight down to a bearable amount, something i can carry with me all day long, and still be willing to use after all the travelling is done, when the time comes to actually shoot something.

i started toying with the idea of taking nothing but the x100s for the whole assignment. is it doable ? can i pull this one off ? the assignment consists of what can be looked at as a glorified photowalk, with scenic/touristic stops along the way, but most of the shooting will be after sunset or indoors. heck, we won't even see the sun in one of the countries we're visiting!

i had a couple of days off, and so did theLovelyWife, and we visited a couple of this year's experimentadesign's exhibitions. i took the x100s along for the ride, and tried it out. could i live with it as my only camera if i had to document stuff, knowing i'd have to print the photos in the end ?

we were very lucky with the weather, something i won't have on my side on the dates of this epic journey, and shooting indoors is something the 5dmkii handles with amazing ease, so these are a couple of things i should consider. i'm also pretty sure there'll come a time when i'll wish the 24mm was in the bag (hotel rooms come to mind) and, now that i think about it, that 85mm would also fit somewhere in there. hmmm.... decisions, decisions... 

in the end i'm glad i took the little thing for a spin, it really is a shame i don't shoot with it more often. it's always a pleasure to see how the camera handles most of the situations. i'll take it on the trip, that's for sure. will she travel alone ?

(more photos ? sure. head on over to flickr...)

maiquex100s, theLovelyWife, lisbon