things are getting organised around here. 

so far i'm loving squarespace, loving the easiness of the entire process, enjoying playing around with building blocks, figuring out how the whole thing works, and what can i do with it.

if you're feeling lazy, squarespace is perfect, and it's also perfect if you're not, with all the things you can tweak and customise. 

what started as a wish to have a portfolio available online, a place where i'd keep a handful of galleries, is turning out to be something a bit bigger than that.  i expected a very easy learning curve, and that's what i got. a couple of hours after starting the free trial i had something that would not embarrass me if i had to send the url to someone right there. for me the free trial ended at that moment, i decided to come aboard.

two days later i want to keep adding pages, and ideas for new ones keep coming. i feel like i want to move everything else that's scattered all over the internets here, and take it from there. not sure if that will happen, but we'll see.

(for a longer view, kevin rothermel has a list of good points in '10 reasons why i moved from wordpress to squarespace 6', i agree with most of them.)

having fun, as i said, and that's really important these days. 

ok, so what do we have so far ? 

a few galleries with photos made while working for publico, and others with more personal work.

already available: vegas, capeVerde, timor, rome and ceara. then some shots from music festivals. also live is the last project i did with the old iphone4, a small tour of the northern part of portugal with theLovelyWife. it's called tugaTour.