erica, playing the role of rainha santa isabel, gets ready for the procession. ribeira de sta cruz, pico.

it's been a while.  

it's been a while since i've written something on a blog and it's been a while since i've gone out on assignment. editing sucks, true, and this is one of my main gripes with the thing: not shooting enough.  

away we went to the islands, in search of the **queens of pico**.  

going to the azores is always a pleasure, and a big one at that, and this time we actually had time to do a proper story. we used to do this a lot, back in the day, but it's really a treat to still be able to do this from time to time.  

walking around, getting a feel for the place, talking to people and taking some photos. paradise. 

so... pico gallery is up. and you can find a ton more photos at flickr, and a slideshow at the paper's site.

maiquework, azores, pico