music in the village, again

today i'm leaving on a nondescript trip to estonia. i'm sure i will be fun, it certainly beats spending that time stuck at the office, but the weather forecast is not on our side, sad now that we're getting cool one up here. we also have a pretty big list of places to visit.

anyway, this was going to be my first assignment of the year! and we're in may!

luckily we got an invitation to drive up to cem soldos, where the bons sons festival is held every two years, and be a guest in today's special event, where this year's edition was presented. it's an amazing festival, and an amazing venue. the whole village (around a thousand people live there) welcomes the 35.000 people who join them for a few days of portuguese music. lovely.

we made the trip up north, and spent a day walking around town, eating amazing food, and even got to watch a small showcase of what's to come. 

this was also the place where i fell in love with theLovelyWife, so that's huge and important bonus, and made this place a lot more special.

i'll leave you with a couple of shots from yesterday, and will start packing for my second assignment of the year.

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