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First place where we set foot in Thailand: Bangkok.  

It's my favourite city in the world, and a perfect place to land and get ready for a trip around the country. We were coming from an extra-long trip over from Portugal, with an eight hours layover in Dubai, and more that ready for a rest. Made our way to Korbua House, a very cosy boutique hotel close to the mess of Khao San Rd., but with enough distance to have the feeling you're in another planet. You can get there with a five minute walk but, if you don't, you'll never guess what's there. It's up to you.

We quickly set our bags in the room, and made our way to KC Food & Drinks for a quick meal and, since they have a 7-Eleven sitting next door, we got some supplies for later. This would turn into a daily affair, one that is synonym with Thailand, for us, as well as for most of the foreigners in the country. It's an institution, as anyone who's ever been there can attest. 

The following morning was spent walking around a bit, before heading to Wat Pho. If you're staying in Banglamphu you can walk there, if you feel up to it, or you can take the Chao Phraya Express boat, and save yourself a bit of heat. We decided to go by boat, and walk home. Made our way to the Phra Arthit Pier, and payed the 15 baht fare each for the pleasure of riding in the river. This would be the easiest time for the express, as this pier tends to get a bit crowded with foreigners and a lot of times you can't even board the first boat, and might have to wait a bit.

Wat Pho is one of the places where you should make a stop, and be sure to take advantage of the wonderful massages at the school. It's located inside the Wat, so there's no better place to try one of the amazing traditional massages they have there. Walking back to the hotel, or wherever you're going next will feel much better after that.

We still visited the Jim Thompson's House, a bit crowded, and a bit of a tourist trap, but you have to go there if you'd like to check what houses in Siam used to be like. Also a great excuse to get on a khlong taxi, and see why Bangkok is called the Venice of the East. It's another cool public transportation they have in Bangkok, and the quickest way yo get from the Siam Square area back to Banglamphu. Don't come if you're carrying a ton of shopping from the mega malls but, apart from that, another bkk experience not to be missed. 

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Ayutthaya is a must-see.


Imperial City


Sukhothai is another place

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Chiang Mai

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Koh Phayam

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